The following are some thoughts we throw out there. We are looking for educators with creative curriculums or projects of all subjects for children between K to 12!

  • Arts ( Creative Art Projects, Applied Arts,  The Perception of Color, Film Photography, Documentary Production …etc)
  • Science ( Insects, Fun Physics, Astronomy, Observation & Experiments ..etc )
  • Language Arts ( Grammar, Talk Show Production, How to influence, Foreign Languages,  Public Speaking , Talk Etiquettes…etc)
  • Math  ( Lego Math, Understand the World Through Math, Math and Logic,  Math and Music, Math and Computer Games, Math and Architecture …etc)
  • Engineering ( Design and Build Your Own Drone,  Why Can An Ant Lift So Much? Programming … etc)
  • Craft (Origami,  Make a Leaf Book Mark, Knitting, …etc)
  • Music ( Audio Production , Singing,  Instruments …etc)
  • Performing Arts ( Musical,  Dancing, Magic..etc)
  • Sports 
  • Others ( Child Money Management and Monopoly , Fun Facts, Cooking, Gardening, …etc)

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